Streets We Knew Together

I thought I could forget the day you slipped
The day I lost you and so much more
Truth is, there’s so many things now I want to forget
It’s impossible to make it through them all.
Lead me on the paths you’ve walked, I’ll gladly go
Along streets we knew together we can go
Beneath the arms of a world reaching to heaven
With eyes that spare nothing for the street below
This is our kingdom, stained with blood we shed in battle
When fighting seemed an act of glory, before we knew better.
My hands shake now, you know that?
Used to be I could face down a bullet with steady hands
Now they shake at nothing, and memories of you make it worse
Memories of me, too—us together
Marching along the streets of better days
To meet fate across the bridge we built between our lives.

Photo by Pille Kirsi from Pexels

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