Now Pay Close Attention

Now, pay close attention, I’ll only say this once
Then the wind will sweep it away
And the universe will get one degree warmer.
This is the only chance I’ll have
Wasted, it will fall to silence and die
So I have to say it now or lose my voice
In wanderings across the desert walked by son and father
Where clouds hold promise of rain that never falls
And borders are drawn in shifting sands.
If this moment passes me by I’m finished
Doomed to repetition of the chance I had and let slip away
When you were here before me and I couldn’t speak
So I’m just going to have to say it—
Are you sure you’re listening?

Photo by Walid Ahmad from Pexels

8 responses to “Now Pay Close Attention”

  1. It drives me mad when I’m presented something in a work of fiction and then an answer is never given. At the same, I sometimes quite like the vagueness and the suspense that it creates. The climax arrives and there is no deescalation of the plot, only a heightened awareness. Long story short: you wrote a great poem as usual. Keep it up!

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  2. I’ve read only a few of your poems so far. There are stories, novels, and tales that sweep across time. Your words bring wondrous landscapes to mind. I don’t want to sound too overblown in my praise so I’ll conclude with this. Man, that’s good! Hoo-eee, those are some powerful words son! Keep ’em coming and, I’m listening.

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