Eyes of Earth – Chapter 2

Isaac Binder’s body, like all who died aboard Covenant, was jettisoned into space. Leon watched its silent launch through a viewport above the rear airlock, and inevitably found himself wondering about his father’s destination. Perhaps he would one day fall through an alien atmosphere to strike an unknown landscape—a Pioneer once more in death. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Eyes of Earth – Chapter 1

Dr. Leon Binder stood at the far edge of humanity, gazing out into the abyss of space. Standing at a viewport in the forward lounge, he could sense but not see the vast outer wall of Covenant’s hull rising away above him. He saw a young ship’s officer approach...

The Last Time

***Warning: This story contains descriptions of potentially sensitive material regarding drug use When she left work, she was aching for it. Actually, she’d been aching for it for hours. Days. Maybe even years. Ever since her first time. She knew there was some at home—he always had something. She stumbled out of the office and... Continue Reading →

Two Point Creek

               Quiet footsteps and hushed voices passed down our street, knocking gently on doors, afraid to break the sleepy peace within. Behind them followed a wake of dread that settled like cement into the heart of anyone who heard the news.                “Been there a few days…”                “Just barely started to rust…”                “Looks... Continue Reading →

Ritual By the Sea

When I came to the cove, I knew it immediately as the place I sought. The wind that had battled my advance across the open sea died as I brought my boat around the outcropping of rock that formed the entrance to the small harbor. I did not need to look at the aged photograph... Continue Reading →


My son Hugo sleepwalks. The first time I came upon him in the dead of night, I screamed loud enough to wake him from his trance. It was late—around two o’clock. I’d sent Hugo to bed long before but had stayed up in my study to sort through my jumbled thoughts. The hours darkened, and... Continue Reading →


Our backs pressed into the grass bent beneath us. Night hid the snow-capped peaks on either side. The sky above was clear—a portal open wide to the heavens. Stars, frozen a million years in the past, held sway over us in their own distant way. Our breath rose in the blackness, a ghostly mist that... Continue Reading →

Bal Zezar

Out of the woods they came, drunk on their desire for the sabbath. From all directions they came, heeding the call of the black hill. Across the fallow lands they came, leaving behind them a wake of death, the land shuddering beneath footsteps that carried them forth toward Bal Zezar. The hill, raised by the... Continue Reading →

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