Ask, and the world will open itself unto you
The crystal passages spiraling to the center
Catacombs sprawling beneath the busy streets above
In light shunned by those who walk these halls.
The keeper of the labyrinth watches the gate
One hand resting always on the jet black sceptre
Pointing the way, the guiding fist of power
Sends light ahead into the blackness.
Frostbitten world swimming in the aether
Turning away from the eye of evil, yet extending a hand
Through the heart of perpetual darkness
To grasp the shrouded light hidden at the center.
Color seeps beneath fingernails like dirt
The clouds raining alabaster fragments
Upon red pools that swell and heave
With the rising chant, the cresting call to the night—
An invitation to the Black Feast;
An expectant master awaiting a response.

Photo by Martijn Adegeest from Pexels

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