Send Out Your Thousands

Send out your thousands to tear the world apart
Bring down fire from above and blur the front lines
Erased as they’re drawn in shifting sands
So that tomorrow might seem different from today

Radio silence in ears that ring with rushing blood
Listening for some new song not laden with the cause of war
To sing in the quiet places that no one else knows
While hearts beat out a rhythm of silent longing

When the message comes through it will set them alight
With fervor for the bloody truth of its refrain
Soft words of comfort sent out across the desert:
Tomorrow will be different from today
Tomorrow will be different from today

Photo by Janne Bavnhøj from Pexels

I’ve been on a new music kick recently. Do you have a band/album/song you’ve been listening to?

7 responses to “Send Out Your Thousands”

  1. So much good music out there, new and older. Older first, Slipknot; Vol. 3 Subliminal Messages. New; Lacuna Coil, Black Anima; Alice ‘n Chains, Ranier Fog. Try them, I’ll think of more. Tool ticket prices are insane for Boston and Mohegan Sun Conn. shows.

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