The Fate of all Who Wander

I see movement beyond this haze
Something like a world rising out of the fog
Pushing through gears to find the breach,
The machinery that turns the clouds.
Over it all soars the heart of destitution
Emptiness that cannot ever be filled
And the divine fist of providence
Clutching the fate of all who wander
Without sight of the wonders that lie just beyond

Always the screams will sound in the night
The sky will tear away into a thousand bright fires
And the world will burn where they fall
Yet even still can fire light the way through
So watch the sands for the skinwalker’s coming
And watch the skies for a call to war
But know that the haze overhead grows thicker— 
Soon those above will lose sight of this underworld
And the only light left to us will be the streets on fire

Back in Denver, back to classes, back to normalcy. Over the weekend I saw history in the form of a soccer game (which got so loud it registered on the Richter scale) and turned 23.

I have a request to make. Years ago, I came across a poem online. My memories of it are vague, but I remember it as having been written many years ago. It followed a vision of Fate as she was shown the world, its many homes and inhabitants. There was much allusion to Greek mythology. Anyway, it struck me intensely, but I never saved it and have now forgotten its title as well as the the name of its author. All I can remember is that vague description above, the fact that it was quite long, and that the webpage it was on had a quote or something from another author saying that it was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, poems of all time. You’d think if that were true it would be easy to find, right?

I’ve tried so many different searches for it, with every variation of “poem” “journey” “vision” “fate” etc. etc. that I can think of. Every time I’ve come up short. Does it actually exist? Did I make this memory up? I don’t know. If you know the poem I’m talking about and could send me a link to it I would be forever grateful!

Photo by Sem Steenbergen from Pexels

7 responses to “The Fate of all Who Wander”

  1. Sorry cant help with the mystery poem. I hate that when I should know something, there are hints of it in several places, but it just eludes the grasp of my senses. Or I remember it slightly differently than the truth.
    Reminds me of recent movie review of phenomenon known as The Mandela Effect. If your not familiar, check this out :


    Love your emo maturity evident in your poetry. So young, so deep…



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