Watching the Flame

You came in the night and left before morning

And all the world was on fire

The sky streaming down in a haze of color

To lie in the streets beneath all the smoke

Behind this window a candle is burning

Reflections of the world between the flame and you

Distorted by the breaking glass

I watch from atop the high tower

Breathing in all hope of a way through

Watching scenes of destruction play out

And you alone behind the glass

Content to let the candle burn forever

I watched Nosferatu the Vampyre the other day, directed by Werner Herzog. It’s a remake of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu, both being a retelling of the Dracula story. Herzog’s take was interesting—it portrayed Count Dracula as a being cursed with immortality who loathed his existence, and his need to feast on blood. Herzog’s movies have so far been sort of hit or miss with me, but Nosferatu was a hit for sure.

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

16 responses to “Watching the Flame”

  1. In the early 70s there were heroic fantasies with heroes cursed with immortality. Michael Moorcock and Karl Edward Wagner wrote about Corum and Kane, respectively. The immortality was a grief because their lovers always predeceased them.

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    • Very cool, will have to check those out. I used to think immortality would be great, but there would be so many more chances for sadness. The Man From Earth is an interesting movie about an immortal man. The acting isn’t always top notch, but the story/writing is fantastic.


  2. We are alive as a set of circumstances, the closest “secular” words to describe this is a collection of consciousness. Within that understanding, everything continues with what continues being appreciating (added to in a way that is pleasant) or being depreciated (being given negative energy) subject to what someone agrees to. So, it is always good to see, understand, do what you know you can do forever and to know that this is what is happening.

    No one ever experiences a “death” and what occurs throughout your life is similar to a dream (night or day dream) that you stay in (good or bad). When it is a bad dream that you stay in, you don’t get to remeber the prior experience while the good experiences are being written to eternal memory. The chemistry of writing is interesting to know about united with what is always happening where that is appreciated. Sweet dreams.

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    • Thanks for your insights, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments (: the idea of life as a dream has always interested me. Some even believe our entire universe is a simulation we live in. Though, how that would change anything in day to day life if it is true, I’m not sure. Plus, if this is a simulation, then who’s to say the world that simulated us isn’t also simulated?


      • Now you’re talking about Berkeley’s idealism, where nothing material exists and all experience is an idea in the mind of God. The ancient Hindus believed something similar to this as well.

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      • I think it went that there are all of our individual minds plus God’s mind. Everything material we do is to participate in God’s mind. For instance, our bodies are only ideas in his mind. George Berkeley was an 18th Century British philosopher. A good introduction to Western philosophy is Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. Very well done, imo. Published in 1999.

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      • This is relating to the process place for liquid hydrogen. Where liquid hydrogen is interesting, it is moving in an interesting way and where it is not intresting it is switching back and forth. People have discussed the uninteresting liquid hydrogen demension as a simulation, because it is the substance for technology that is in this area now. There is something happening to move understanding along united with me to place always liquid hydrogen to this area. With that, for those participating, we are doing what we always can. This being true, the way it can be said to change day to day life is that people can opt to agree to participate or not and, of course, be interesting to see and experience as all knowing of what sound is. The best thing about an always dream is that it is beyond good at all light and you stay. Happy to see you.

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      • Agree about the choice of participating or not participating. It’s becoming harder and harder to actively avoid taking part in it all, but in some ways it’s still possible! Cheers (:


      • Yes, it is possible to avoid participating at what is agreeable and pleasant and while avoiding you are participating in another area for depreciating change. That is a necessary process place and someone can stay there conscious to it forever. Something else does exist though at the experience of peace and celebration. See you at the always station.

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