Out of the East

Out of the East comes crawling nightmare

And the deep places of the forest are silent

Waiting for the hand that tears at the earth

Uprooting ancient guardians to grind them down

Beneath the slow advance toward sacrifice

Still in the night rain is falling

Where ghosts live legends not yet written

Under a midnight sun stained with their blood

This is the place the stories tell of

Where all paths run together into the heartland

And travellers take shelter from the waking fear

Seeking refuge there from slow destruction

Watching history unfold today!

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels

4 responses to “Out of the East”

  1. A sunrise, appreciated silence, unity on earth, supernatural protection, a well hydrated atmosphere, writing that is understandable completely, everything is together, peace abounds, appreciation shows. United interest span is what you know how to do and it agrees with your chemistry as Always.

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  2. I had an image in mind then I read your comment about history unfolding. Then it reminded me of Manifest Destiny and westward expansion. That might not have been the intention but whatever the intention was, it’s a great poem (as always)!

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