You Were Never Lost

You were never lost to the mist of dead time

you went there willingly, triumphant in defeat

with a voice of thunder crying out over fields of drought

I listened as it faded into the wind— 

your laughter until the very end

But not an end, only a crossing to new realities

away from the killing fields you left behind

where I stand and watch new seedlings sprout

tending to this garden of broken delights

and hoping as the sun falls faster each day

that when at last the harvest comes

there is nothing left to remind me that you were ever here

I like gardening, but rarely have the patience for the upkeep—specifically weeding. That probably says something about me. Or maybe it just means I should grow things in a greenhouse.

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

8 responses to “You Were Never Lost”

  1. I really enjoyed this one 🙂 Also, a tip on gardening for anyone interested…If you put grass clippings or hay or wood chips between your rows you will have hardly any weeds. I don’t have hay or wood chips handy all the time but I used grass clipping last summer and I was blown away.
    Thanks for sharing all your great work 🙂

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