This Isn’t About You

If you think this is about you, it is

Sitting there with your thoughts to yourself

your visions of this room, these people

each one a pawn in the game that circles around you

despite the fact that most have no idea they’re even playing

Let the liquor flow, and each drop will take you further

through new levels someone built just for you

but really for all these people around you

especially the one with the sliding gaze

that lingers on you just a moment too long

whenever they scan the crowded room—

a broken clock that’s right three times each day

the third when they finally look at you and mean it

This is my attempt at writing a poem that is about everyone and no one in particular. Felt a lot different from what I usually write.

Happy Leap Day!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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