This Dawn Rising

This dawn rising is new blooded

crowned emperor of things locked away

by the passage of the moon

Threadbare mountains reach to break the sky

and catch dewdrops sweet on bare rock faces

that gather together in long years of waiting

for a chance to take the mountainside

and fall torrential on dry lands below

To rescue the thirsty by drowning them

carry the weak away to faded places

as the red dawn bleeds across the sky

and the world above the flood

becomes like something royal

Been struggling this week to sit down and actually focus on any work. Finally got myself in front of the story I’m working on and cranked out a little over 1,000 words. Felt great, now I gotta keep the streak alive.

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

10 responses to “This Dawn Rising”

      • We are well, thank you.
        Can’t wait to read it!
        This is a strange adjustment we’re making. This pandemic thing is weirdly paralleling an apocalyptic, end of the human race dark comedy story I’ve been concocting for the past couple of years. Lots of ideas, some progress and real time testing of some of the issues I outlined are happening now. Guess I better get to work on it, though I don’t think anyone else will have the same plot line.
        Stay healthy!

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