Marching Colossus

All the little movements seem to flow together

until unstoppable they break through the wall

and tearing away beneath the torrent

goes everything that stood against the tide

Soon the dust of the world swept away

lies as silt on the new riverbed

the deep and clear and monstrous current

gone away to fill the mouths of giants

blind gnashing teeth and groaning

throats open and choking, sputtering

on the lives we’ve known now filling them

and only onward goes the marching colossus

grasping in the current for the same solace we sought

and finding nothing but the same endless depths

Safely back in WA! Thank you for the well wishes, I want to respond to each comment individually but it will have to wait until the morning. I’m looking forward to getting back on a continual writing schedule now that I won’t be travelling again for a while.

3 responses to “Marching Colossus”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    “All the little movements seem to flow together” is reminding me of agreement and this continues through line 6. After line 6, you switch to disagreement. Most of your poems do this and it is interesting to note. I would love to see all agreement written by you even if it is just one poem that you email me 🙂 Might not fit with the theme here which shifts between the two. With your talent for words and images with them all being at the process place that is agreement…well…there would not be words only an experience that is supreme. You’d never get rich and famous because the world seeks conflict. Not interesting, but necessary to start and put out fires?

    Fondly, Trudy

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    • Thank you Trudy! You put into words something I’ve thought before but haven’t articulated. I guess it’s just the way the poems come out! You’re right, it would be interesting to write a poem without that shift between the two… I’ll try it out!


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