Earth and Sky, Sun and Moon

They came in through cracks in the walls

crawling down to hide in the shadows

and surround me with their silence

Never speaking, they stole my voice

swallowed it, hid it away from me

and the silence began its gnawing

biting at the edges of every windowpane I look through

to a vision of a world where the earth and sky cannot speak

only move together in wordless song and dance

as onward flows the river to who knows what—

a terror drop over falls into deep shadow

or a stillwater pool where the moon comes to rest

and the sun drinks its fill each night before the dawn

Well, my laptop decided to give me the Blue Screen of Death in the middle of working on my current story. Thankfully everything saves to OneDrive automatically, so nothing was lost (phew). Haven’t found a fix yet, so hopefully I can find a shop that’s open to take it in on Tuesday. If not, looks like I’m in the market for a new computer…

Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day. Take time to give thought to those who believed in what this nation is meant to stand for enough to lay down their lives for it.

Image by A Owen from Pixabay

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