Seven Candles

The thrill of it is that someone could walk in at any moment

and see our communion with the infinite

that we might watch them really see for the first time

as the veil is stripped away

and the muted colors of the world turn vivid

It’s why we left the door unlocked

and threw the key into the sea long ago

Now we sit by the light of seven candles

watching the shadows of our world writhe

and every now and then reaching out to one another

to feel again for a moment what it’s like to really exist

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

One response to “Seven Candles”

  1. The idea that “we might watch them really see for the first time” reminded me of the thrill of teaching illiterate adults how to read. I used to teach first graders. That light dawning when “Ah-hah! I can read!” dawned was magnificent, but dim in contrast to the light of an adult whose literary light was unlocked. Now, take that brilliance and give it to someone who is seeing Christ in his/her life for the first time: blinding!! That’s really existing!


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