Walking where the midnight sun

meets the light of breaking day

There in the sand are pieces of night

scattered all across a withered garden

the husks stirring in a Sirocco breeze

as though for a moment life might return to them

Then stillness rules once more

and dust settles over all

I’ve not been very good at keeping up with the blog lately, but it’s (I hope) been for a good reason.

I’m telling you all this now so that someone holds me accountable: come summer, I’ll have the next draft of my book done. Maybe before then, but I’m cutting myself a bit of slack (;

Image by John Fowler

4 responses to “Sirocco”

  1. I really like this Mitch. Lovely.

    “There in the sand are pieces of night

    scattered all across a withered garden”

    If you are working on a second draft if you get a poem out every seven days I would say you are pretty disciplined. Once you are on a role it is very hard to stop when working on a book when that flow comes you just have to ride that wave. I think all the creatives understand totally. Good luck with the second draft. ❤️🤗

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    • Thank you Joni! I appreciate the encouragement, and yes the poetry has definitely had to take a back seat, but it’s a great feeling to see progress being made on the story. Here’s hoping it’s actually any good! (;


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