This world is acid on the skin

not strong, but strong enough

that it cannot be ignored

this mild discomfort

and scratching the itch only makes it worse

so we don’t scratch

and we’re all itching

Here in a silent circle watchful

seated around red flame and scented smoke

with paradise inside us

trying to get out

the claws of it 

carving runes on our rib cages

and whispering how nice it would be if…

There’s blood enough yet to be spilt

enough for us all

see our throats turning blue in the firelight

as it drains away

and leaves behind empty eyes and gray skin

no longer itching

I could make a bunch of excuses about why I haven’t been posting for so long. Could say I had writer’s block or something. Truth is I let myself get into the habit of not looking for things to write about. I’m hoping to change that. If you’re still here reading, I greatly appreciate you (:

Photo by Harlie Raethel on Unsplash

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