Hidden beneath falling ash,
Eyes closed, counting heartbeats
Shattered glass like falling rain
Shimmers in the wind
Overhead the Watcher circles
Drawing closer, ever closer
Carried by the winds of anger
Toward the light of breaking day
The clouds are fed by smokestacks
That tower overhead and
Spew forth the breath of machines
Toiling beneath the barren fields
A slow march of drones proceeds to the tunnels
Ushered by the Watcher
Spiraling in the mist above
Break rank, and he will descend
The one beneath the ash knows
Still she hides waiting for her chance
To leave smoke behind
And return to distant meadows
The drones are swallowed by the Earth—
Denizens of shadow and industry
Scars upon metal-wrought souls
Satisfied, the watcher moves on
A deep breath before the dive
Ashes scatter
Her feet fly toward freedom
And the world beyond the wall

Original Photograph

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