Porch Light

The light is onRain falls heavy from an inkblot skyEyes watch broken glass for secrets reflectedHands caress age-dusted papyrus, seeking an answerBlood falls fresh from a wound opened each day anewEarth drinks deeply of the sanguine dropsBrief fire in the sky sets an aching heart aflameA matchstick extinguished; a forest on fireVoices on the wind… Continue reading Porch Light


Hidden beneath falling ash,Eyes closed, counting heartbeatsShattered glass like falling rainShimmers in the wind  Overhead the Watcher circlesDrawing closer, ever closerCarried by the winds of angerToward the light of breaking day  The clouds are fed by smokestacksThat tower overhead andSpew forth the breath of machinesToiling beneath the barren fields  A slow march of drones proceeds… Continue reading Flight

In the Ash Grove

Sighs that shatter miles of still airHang between us.Breaths that break my heartWith their echoes of sadnessHang between us.Her lips carry a sad smileChin resting on perfect handEyes that cannot see The world before themBut are lost in visions Of shimmering light and colorBeyond truth and reasonWhere thought gathers in poolsAnd raindrops spill memoryUpon the… Continue reading In the Ash Grove