We’ve reached the turn of the century! This is my 100th post on The Light Is On. Thank you to everyone who has followed along with me so far. Here’s to 100 more!

PS this blog is currently at 99 followers. How cool would it be to hit 100 on the same day as the 100th post? (;


The hilltop lorded over him since the day he first drew breath
Blackened peak defiant to cobbled streets below
Eyes watching the spark of sun beyond the high ridge
A path to the top laid by hands now lost to the past
A lifetime spent in its shadow, but no longer
Now summit lies beneath his feet
And the world stretched forth to a horizon he’s never known
Beyond the valley of darkness
Draws out the soul he kept hidden
From hands that sought to bend him, break him
Mold him into the shape of obedience
Unquestioning loyalty
For what is curiosity in the face of omnipotence?
Now the void stares back in questioning silence
Empty space asking a tired soul to give it purpose
Life searching for its own meaning instead of creating it
Asking the same questions as millennia past
And finding only the same answers
Now his feet have felt the summit
And his eyes gaze forth over the world he once inhabited
His mind asks—what next?
And he steps forth into the chasm

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