Smile at the Flames

All was silent until the world broke
No warning before the song of our end sang in turning gears
The fires started, flames out of the sky ran liquid through the streets
Consuming time to be thrown as food for the wind
When sound began, it was wailing
Footsteps in the dark ran toward salvation in the flame
Minds far from reality came to know suddenly
That they were already forsaken
Those images that stick in the far corners of a mind
Burrowing deep in past all hope of extraction
Burning a crater to build a little hut and sleep, wait
For a moment of peace to destroy
A still morning wash of air to blow away to hurricane
Let loose the sky and watch stars like rivets falling
Wingless airplanes tumbling toward a home no longer theirs
After they tasted the freedom of open sky
Smile as the edges of the world smolder
An epicenter crafted from that one flash of light and color
Sitting there at the end of it all
Breathing in the scent of insanity
On a chair made from an overturned bucket

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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