A Sunken World

Come wayward to this place without sorrow
On a borderland between love and apathy
We know you are lost—all who come here are lost
And stay when they no longer wish to be found. 
Death passes through on a journey to other lands
But never stops here to rest.
An old friend points the way beyond the gate
The moonlight road rolling away to a broken horizon
That we mend each morning with silk and knitting needles
Only to watch it burned and battered by the new day. 
Here in this place live shadows detached from their owners
Floating in water that turns them dappled, golden, beautiful
Of a deep lake filled with a sunken world
The original, abandoned and left to the waters
On whose shore grows a tree with branches of fire.

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels

The other day I was asked what inspires me, and wasn’t entirely sure how to answer. So, I want to pass along the question—what inspires you?

10 responses to “A Sunken World”

  1. “Shadows detached from their owners” I love that line. Simply beautifully painted mysterious concepts with thought provoking phrases. (I am inspired by nature, love and memories. Actually it is in the minutes early in morning when I am first waking that thoughts come dancing into my head. When I am in pain I write the easiest, so when I was growing up it was a release for me. So I suppose emotional pain inspires me also.)

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  2. I’m not sure if I can put a finger on that question. Sometimes all it takes is a random comment or thought, mine or someone else’s. Other times, I see something and it clicks. One commonality is that words happen when I can narrow my focus to one simple task, be that making a bowstring, driving, sitting in the woods watching, waiting for a fish to bite peddling down the road or taking a shower (I have a waterproof note pad in there)! Things people say definitely spins my wheels to search for their motivation.

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  3. This piece makes me think of Purgatory, a place souls go to that is neither heaven nor hell, but a testing ground to see where they end up. It is a Catholic notion originally, but you have arrived at it independently in this natural place. Have you read Dante? Shakespeare also deals with Limbo in Hamlet. The old Dane’s ghost cannot be released until his murder is avenged.

    I think what inspires me is other works of art.

    Thanks for all your likes on my stuff.


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