A Proclamation

Wrapped in a proclamation to the world
Within anthems called out across the rooftops
A whispered command waits to be discovered
Hidden between the blood-spattered pages
Of an anthology of war written by the conquered:
Tear it down
Brick by megalomaniacal brick
Until the rusted inner workings are exposed
Then set fire to the remnants
The true message behind their words of glory
Is waiting in flames not yet burning
And here we stand as blind seers
On the shores of an ocean of gasoline
With a book of matches in our hands

Image by Jean-Pierre Pellissier from Pixabay

This weekend, some friends from back home came out to Denver for visit. I’m still new to the city, so ended up seeing a lot of places for the first time with them. The days were packed, and I never got the chance to sit down and write, which may turn out to have been a good little break. Hoping to get back into the rhythm of it now, though.

Thank you for reading!

8 responses to “A Proclamation”

  1. I find that I sometimes need a break totally different from my normal routine in order for the creative ‘juices’ to flow – so to speak! Don’t feel that you need to apologize for taking the time to be with family. When all is said and done, family is what life is all about! You have written a powerful message. I like it! Thank You for sharing!

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