View From the Highest Tower

From atop the highest tower in the city
You can imagine that, far off on the horizon,
The fires of the battlefield are just visible
As reflections of stars uncaring on the world below

The city is given way to the need for war
And behind you a flag twitches in the breeze
Every now and then showing an emblazoned crest
But mostly limp, just hanging there

Tomorrow we ride out to avenge our fallen
The hills will ring out with our cries
And tremble with a thousand thundering hearts
So ready yourself for battle, ye semi-able warrior

Glory waits for your hand to lift it
Off the pedestal of manufactured starlight
Fight for your land, your home, and your king
Who even this night sleeps outside among the beggars

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Halloween is almost upon us, which means whatever creatures usually hide in the darkness are readying to unleash themselves upon the world — or something like that. Now is the best time of the year for this question: do you believe in ghosts? Any strange experiences you can’t explain? What about other kinds of creatures/monsters?

7 responses to “View From the Highest Tower”

  1. Dunno about ghosts, but I’ve been in rooms where serendipities occurred. The right brain perceives patterns that the left misses entirely. Like watching Olympic boxing once with my brother: I observed that the red defeated the blue every time. My brother got annoyed trying to predict from the stats, the logical details, while my perception continued true without fail. Another time, we were watching college football. The commentator said a quarterback hadn’t thrown an interception all night. I said that would be a jinx. Sure enough, only a few plays later he was intercepted. My brother even acknowledged this prediction by me. I think it’s all in the cerebral blood flow, which hemisphere gets more activity, that determines the miracles we see or don’t see. Try testing this sometime. Do something visual a lot and get away from language for a while. Spatial reasoning is great for exercising your right mind. Then walk into a crowded room and watch what happens in a group. Is it a ghostly thing? You be the judge!

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    • That’s really interesting! It makes sense that our brains can see patterns, logic, meaning where even our consciousness just sees random information. Then ghosts become products of that “second sight” which in reality is just a part of our unconscious experience?


  2. Yes, and the experience is probably just another physical phenomenon perceived in a different way, ie by the right hemisphere. The objective fact, outside of our heads, would be the same regardless of which state we were in. Just my opinion.

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