Bright Lights and Happiness

Voices scream out in pain, and the crowd cheers
Begging for more insight into torment
Give us a taste of that world of hellfire
Cut us open with the same knife that slit your wrists
Let us know what it is to suffer how you suffer
Just ignore the flashbulbs and stage lights
And speak to us
The embrace of this world inches away from smothering
A warmth like the memory of sitting by a fireplace
Behind walls that forced the cold away
And windows that might have shown the future
If the heat of your breath against them
Had been more than fog over endless ocean
If someone had pulled the curtains shut
Before you glimpsed promises that the world could never keep

Image by LIMAT MD ARIF from Pixabay

Distillation of a feeling into words that almost describe it—I think that’s what poetry is. No one asked me, but I guess that’s what having a blog is all about!

Also, Happy Halloween! Here’s hoping that someone, somewhere, has an experience they can’t explain today—or that all of us do.

3 responses to “Bright Lights and Happiness”

  1. To understand the very things that torment those driven by sadness and emptiness and to experience that same numbness. Yes, I think you captured something very empathetic here with vivid sensitivity. Happy Halloween to you as well. Love 💕 Joni

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  2. Fave picks: “The embrace of this world inches away from smothering”, and the final 2 lines. WOWZA, you just keep bringin’ it!! Scary-good talent.


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