The First Lifetime

Her thin arms bear the weight of lost youthHolding the world at bay with a glanceLips that do not part except to breathe fire Keep secrets whispered in the darknessTime has already passed her byA lifetime lived in the dawn of youthEyes hardened against the gray painSweeping through her unfathomable mindAhead lies the aftermathThe return… Continue reading The First Lifetime

Burning Slowly

Burned-black crater, half moon of pain amidst desert sandsSomewhere along the riverbank water turns to fire and burnsNo memory of the beginning, only the mid-time flames eruptingLicking edges already blackened by the memory of a lost past.Days gone, spent in ignorance of the coming hellfirePlaying amidst the cool waters, waiting for the shoreline to empty.Steam-scorched… Continue reading Burning Slowly