Assault of an Endless Sea

In the winter there came knocking at my door
A voiceless fiend that would only point upward
To a ceiling veined with wood rot and rusted nails
Every night he was there, and every night I opened the door
Hoping he would point the way onward
To the places shrouded in twilight and whispered secrets
In the deep shrieking forests that comb coastlines
Ragged with the assault of an endless sea
Yet still the night fell somber and slow
On walls built to contain the madness
And I’m there, unmoving, waiting
Every night for the moment I can open the door
And see the withered hand pointing always to the sky
And never to the land I know I’m destined to conquer

The Light is On has reached 500 followers! To those of you who’ve stuck around: with all my heart, thank you. I hope to continue to grow this site, and am so grateful to each one of you that helps me to do that by being here. I’ll always keep writing—I hope you’ll enjoy reading (:

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

5 responses to “Assault of an Endless Sea”

  1. That is wonderful! Something to feel great about. Your writing is very luring to me. Big congratulations on getting to a milestone. I don’t know about you but I get such an amazing feeling of accomplishment and gratefulness knowing that people actually enjoy reading my writing. I feel privileged and blessed. Very happy for you, sincerely. Love 💕 Joni.

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  2. I have to say – your writing certainly deserves reaching such an exciting milestone. Even though I haven’t been around for long, I really enjoy reading your poems, and the way in which you manage to impart a sense of longing, particularly in this one. Well done!!!

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