Visions Over the Sea

Where the moon’s reflection meets the city’s edge I boarded a ferry to cross over with the rest To a place that has always waited for us This, the final passage of dreamers...

Out of Reach

Time walked a straight path from the morning On a collision course with rapture Then all melted in a haze of something like color, but more A distant scream was a song on the breeze


Empty breathes the Siren’s call across the water
This new evil to temp man into the depths

My Next Big Purchase

I could buy a boat and disappearDip below the horizon and enter a new worldDraw life from the sea, guidance from the starsSwell and heave with the wild tideConverse with monsters of the deepDrop anchor in strange waters andSleep under moonbeams scented with myrrhIn harbors of lands unmapped, unknownThe lifeblood of the Earth could be... Continue Reading →

Exist With Me

Exist with me in shades of gray.Become the color in my world— The air in my lungsThe fire in my soul.This ocean, this horizon, this open skyWitness our solitude, completed by each other.Winds whisper to us of the past and future;Beneath us the sea swells high with the truth of now.


I dream of an untouched worldEndless space between two horizonsSalt air on my cheek, beneath meStrangeness reaching miles below intoThe realm of Leviathan, whose monstrous formPainted ancient nightmares blueTo stand on the bones of landAloft on the surface of the rippling etherTo hear the haunting callsAnd see shadows of the deep pass by in silenceTo... Continue Reading →

The Hillside, or The Pallbearer

It doesn’t matter how carefully I walk on wet grass— The water always finds a way to seep into my shoes. Strange thought to have when carrying what I am. Four of us lead the way to the hillside. The dead here are buried high up To make their ascent just a little easier. Beneath... Continue Reading →

Ghost Ship

The rock thrown out of the deep, pummeled by iron waves that seek to tear it back beneath the surfaceA ship glides empty like a wooden desert, lost upon swells that cannot feel it, bleaching dry when the sun can find its way through the gray aboveSea-soaked sails with holes like the moon fly above... Continue Reading →

Ritual By the Sea

When I came to the cove, I knew it immediately as the place I sought. The wind that had battled my advance across the open sea died as I brought my boat around the outcropping of rock that formed the entrance to the small harbor. I did not need to look at the aged photograph... Continue Reading →

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