The Breath in Your Lungs

Timeless is the message on the airwaves
We listen unceasing to the simple words
that leave the air shimmering
and lights in our eyes, a faint glow of red
or maybe they’re just bloodshot
I would give you my breath if I could
force it down into your lungs
inflating, floating away into wild sunshine
and you gone to rain down on another land
a desert waiting to drink you in
far from the repetition, from the repetition
I’ll follow once the world is green
when your rains have become an ocean
and together we will fly off in search of a new desert

I found out there’s a book bar near me, and the first Friday of every month they have an open mic night for people to come share stories, comedy, poetry, etc. I think I’m gonna go check it out, and maybe share some of my own. Anyone ever performed in front of a crowd? I don’t think I’ve really done it since my 4th grade musical, an epic tale of westward expansion in which I played Cowboy #1.

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

33 responses to “The Breath in Your Lungs”

  1. More, write more! I’ve spoken in front of groups plenty of times and I had a radio show for a bunch of years. The hardest part is getting started but it gets easier quickly. Just introduce yourself and acknowledge that you’re a little nervous. Don’t over rehearse, I used to try to follow outlines, scripts etc. and I found I was better if I just talked to them as I would to a friend. TAKE A FRIEND! You will hate the way you sound to yourself but you will sound fine to the audience. I wish I could be there for ya Cowboy #1!

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      • I did a radio show called ‘All Outdoors’ from 2001 to 2014 on a local station. I talked about fishing, hunting, conservation, camping, interviewed all sorts of people connected to outdoor activities, observing the night time sky, whatever I thought was interesting and thought others would find interesting. Sometimes I would talk about the technical nuts and bolts, but most of the time, I wanted to convey a sense of the experience, to make people want to try those things. My All Outdoors columns that I wrote over the years, and will be posting, were the same, get out and enjoy, instead of, ‘you have to do it this way’. It was fun but it ran its course. I would do it again if the circumstances were right. Thanks for asking.

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  2. I am able to know about this again and again circumstance in the desert (I know it as the elevator shaft) that is not the same as repetition. The use of forceful communication is knowledgeable to me aware to Always kicking someone where it hurts for attempts at terrorism to someone related to Him. The first three lines were all hallelujah.

    The book bar is a good venue for you as a speaker process place. Would you be able to share something experiencable to you at that time or be in a position to read from prior edisodes of writing?

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