Stars We Forged

I sat with my ear to the wall

listening to all the things you never said

while the sound of your heart pulsed

across a distance lost to the wild road

Through woodlands I walked hand in hand

with the memory of those stars we forged

together in a night that should never have ended

but burned away as all do on the altar of dawn

And now without a voice I wander

across a place with no roads, no direction

only away from you, even as I keep your flame in sight

towering out there over the horizon

Here I am, repeating to myself and wondering

knowing that one day soon you’ll send your message

and hoping with half a heart that it never comes

What’s the next book on your list to read? If you have one, that is.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

12 responses to “Stars We Forged”

  1. My compliments as always.
    I think I’ll read ‘Atlas Shrugged’. I’ve always been interested, the name has always intrigued me and it’s time for me to come to my own conclusions about the story. It’s a big bite, will probably take my time chewing it.

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  2. This. …I am struggling with words… This strikes me in a way I can not begin to explain.

    To answer your question, a year plus later, recently started on Time Enough for Love by Heinlein with Big Magic by Gilbert waiting in the wings.

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