City of Secret Lights

We descended upon the city of secret lights With a hunger for the world in our hearts Chasing the taste of a dream we once had For a moment passing through catatonia to new sight...


Outside a starlit window stretches a snow-filled plain Blank canvas waiting in the night for a hand to fill it. Candle flames flicker against the glass, A queen’s face reflected in a fantasy Where her mind wanders with its waking thoughts.

Desert Rain

Masses swept up in a frenzy of feeling Words forgotten, or whispered on the edge of touch Sensation a ruler over the valley walked in shadow

Lakeside Waltz

The trees are barren,Whispering in the breezeOf a winter's night.Upon the lake a dockAnd two wraiths Clad in shadows.Reflections of a thousand lives Ripple on the water Around them.No thought for the lostWho wander in the darkSearching for hopeAmong the stars,The lovers danceAwash in timeDrifting in the space Between worlds Original Photograph

A Thin Ocean

A world passes by in refracted blurs of color and shadowThis world I inhabit, from which I seek shelterGlass and metal keep out the rain that I love to watch but not feelThe branches high overhead an imperfect rooftop, an old house with rafters full of holesMuted gray light pooling in the spaces between the... Continue Reading →

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