Poison in My Throat

Poison is in my throat, wild and burning

yet as a dying man wandering the desert

I drink from the ever-flowing fountain

never wondering if this oasis is a mirage

if the flowing waters spill from the mouth of delusion

or if the sun is hiding behind the palm fronds

ready and waiting for the inevitable day

when once more I set off over the sands

Then to the horizon goes my gaze

my vision blurred by the desert heat

and dry lips cracking as I try to speak the word

sighing with the wind across the sand

a eulogy to the beauty that once bloomed here

across this sea bed raised to the blooded sky

and rolling away to fall with the rest into darkness

You know, for all the times deserts appear in the poetry I write, I’ve never actually been to one.

12 responses to “Poison in My Throat”

  1. The desert can be pretty amazing. It’s not always hellishly hot, and there’s a lot more variability to the geography than we often think. Sometimes even trees! But it’s the harshness that makes the desert worth being in, and you can get a lot of inspiration from that feeling that relief isn’t coming. I wrote this about the desert, even though it barely mentions it (safer that way, haha):

    The Desert Breaks

    Sun-starved and far too tame,
    With a mild wounding from the annum’s rain,
    I took me to the Devil’s breast
    And bared my skin at God’s behest.
    We get wistful about smiling things.
    About breezes and comfort and solemn things
    That brush against our memories
    Like a dandelion gone cottony.

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