Moonlark Song

Moonlight shards come down out of the clouds

that seem darker than the space beyond them

All over the valley is the dust that has already fallen

nestled between dead mountains that bleed crystal water

tears of the summit lost to the icy wind

which dry up before they reach the valley floor

A sea of strange shadows rolls in the distance

and a breeze out of the west carries the scent

sweet like a siren call, pale like the midnight sun

rising twice each night above the world

and falling again when the moonlarks sing

Silence is master here, silence and a still expectancy

waiting for the wandering lights to rain down from the sky

a screaming fire that will fall upon the dead sea

and reach into places where even the sun cannot go

This poem started as an idea to describe the landscape of an alien world, and sort of morphed into something a bit different.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

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