As Above, So Below

Away from the night of spice winds we crawl

following the windwalkers through sunless lands

caught under the spell of our yearning

for a dawn of gray light over the sand

The waters of life scald our lips

as we drink our fill of secret things

and search out a new path through crypts beneath the desert

A wretched few who sought ascension to the stars

cry out from atop the dunes they could not overcome

to a sky they could not conquer

and their voices reach below to the dream world

where we walk through memory of hidden waters

to reach a land of ghosts who await their chance at life

sensing in the communion of our souls

traces of the consciousness we left behind us in the desert

I was trying to think of what to say after this one last night, then apparently went to sleep without actually scheduling it to post. Oops.

Photo by Mikk Tõnissoo on Unsplash

15 responses to “As Above, So Below”

  1. This is 5-Star…every line perfection…my fave pick is the phrase “the night of spice winds”–gosh, that’s good…would make a fabulous book title. However, having no book as yet–if I use it in a poem, I’ll credit/link to you, if you don’t mind.

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