City of Secret Lights

We descended upon the city of secret lights With a hunger for the world in our hearts Chasing the taste of a dream we once had For a moment passing through catatonia to new sight...

Earth Gave Way

There was clay in the ground I clawed through Pulling myself back to the surface To sit in a rainstorm I longed for years to feel again And I began to shape the clay...

Steel Hope

Look up and see where the world ends Out of reach, the edge hovering always above Pressing down on fears of the beyond Grinding to dust all dream of escape—

Lights in the Trees

The lights in the trees hang higher now Soft thrills glow warmly within A song of the night approaching slow Cosmic footsteps unsure of what lies ahead

Black Curtain

I could listen to your lies forever Give me no glimpse of the truth Shroud me in your black curtains Until words have no meaning

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