We Who Rule Over Broken Subjects

There is a door in front of me

and beyond it I know nothing

On either side the horizon stretches away to unknowable infinity

yet it is that door I know will lead me through to the true infinite

Its frame is a border for the madness that lives within

leaking out into this place of sanity

Unseen hands take hold of my arms and pull me back

away from the crossing into worlds of fear

that breathe apart from the broken kings

who demand silence from their subjects

Ruling over realms of falsehood

they caress the bricks of their throne and know little else

nothing of the madness that even now comes spilling

from the lands encircling their kingdom

Failed crusades crawl through the legions that struck them down

desperate to warn the innocent of what is coming

The hordes watch them

daring the wounded to capture the true depravity

to convey the horror that comes sweeping along the horizon

This storm brewing in the deep

has long watched the lands it waited to ravage

and now finds truth in the bricks ground to dust

beneath its advance into the unknowable pain of dominion

In line with yesterday’s post, I started this out as a short story. Then I began to think it may serve better as a poem. It may be that as long as I’m writing the novel I’ve been working on, all my prose efforts might need to be focused there. I guess I’ll just keep on writing down whatever comes to mind.

Please forgive the self-indulgence (:

Also! Thank you so much to all my readers for helping me reach 1,000 total followers. It’s actually a bit unbelievable, but I couldn’t be happier!

Image by Nino Carè from Pixabay

14 responses to “We Who Rule Over Broken Subjects”

  1. Great title applying to an area of what is the political arena.

    The symbolism of doors is a powerful reminder of what to move sight away from with it’s origins relating at tombs.

    As you know, the continuable areas of infinity are interesting to explore.

    One of my interests is what a leadership area can always do and you are showing that by relating the opposite.

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