The Leading Edge of Time

There was a time when doorways opened onto new dimensions Far away from a reality slow to change Dark stairwells granted passage to slow horror Seeping between truth and dreams, melting them into one...

A Story on Blank Pages

Looking back through a book’s blank pages To find the story we wrote together I found that day we set off in search of something On a journey across the desert to kill a man...

Two Point Creek

               Quiet footsteps and hushed voices passed down our street, knocking gently on doors, afraid to break the sleepy peace within. Behind them followed a wake of dread that settled like cement into the heart of anyone who heard the news.                “Been there a few days…”                “Just barely started to rust…”                “Looks... Continue Reading →


My son Hugo sleepwalks. The first time I came upon him in the dead of night, I screamed loud enough to wake him from his trance. It was late—around two o’clock. I’d sent Hugo to bed long before but had stayed up in my study to sort through my jumbled thoughts. The hours darkened, and... Continue Reading →

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