Echoes in the Wasteland

Build them high and wide, these walls against the world

Raise them until the songs of the wasteland fade to whispers

and become only an echo lost in the glare of a midnight sun

Revel then in the safety of your self-made prison

the beauty of this view that never changes

never grows old though you waste away

cursing the ones who come to free you

What once called to you from beyond the stars

is hidden now behind the veil of sleep

the dormant yearning for a breach in time

a glimpse into the fog that finds you there

slipping away to slow death

even as you press your hands to the wall

wonder at the warmth seeping through to your skin

but turn away and slide further into the crawling mist

that gathers here in this place of stolen comfort

Finished re-reading Dune today. Once again it’s playing around in my head, planting ideas. I don’t know if I’ve ever anticipated a movie as much as the new adaptation coming out in December. Trying not to let my hopes get too out of hand…

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

8 responses to “Echoes in the Wasteland”

  1. A lot, but countable, numbers of people will agree to enter what they believe is their own prison rather than attach to something non human and leave the mainstream where by they then become interesting to an uncountable number of livelihoods. It is interesting to understand and know about the experience of freedom.

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      • Walls are built inside a demension where what someone understands about themselves and Always is broken down to tiny elements and connected together…so it occurs with mind and with the environment. Someone can feel walls with people, places and things if they are what I understand to call clearsentinent and when you do you should go in the opposite direction. The idea that one should “push on” and through is reverse conduction of instruction and will result in the prison existence we are talking about. Doing what is easy for your existence and comes natural for you at peace is always insturction and will lead to fruits (or appreciation) as “they” say in some areas. I appreciate the conversation. There are not too many people takling about the walls in the way that I know them. Thanks.

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  2. Beautiful as always David. I couldn’t help but think about the wall our President wants to build while reading your lovely words. Also I didn’t know there was a new Dune movie coming out. I will be excited to see it too, big fan. David I wish you would write something and submit it to The Finest Example, they are the nicest folks and your writing is so beautiful. I hope you have an amazing week. Love 💕 Joni

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