A masterpiece of light painted over this soundscape

burned into the blackness that rose to cover me

when the veil pulled back and I reached into the abyss

I was desperate to find the anchor chaining me to reason

but my hands closed on nothing

Now cast adrift on shallow seas

I go floating away to the sky-water over trenches

where terror waits in depths out of sanity

searching for a glimpse of my shadow on the surface

ready with a promise of the infinite to lure me down

The blackwater aether is an elixir in my hands

cupped to lips that have only known thirst

and below me in the sunken places a hidden eye watches

ready to reap a new disciple

who might gain entrance to the temple of an unlit world

I need to get back out to the coast…

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

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