Then Out Came the Rain

Yesterday I watched the world become storm-weathered

bent but not broken beneath the weight of a painted sky

the white glare across space and time

Then out came the rain to soak up the sun

and the streets ran high with liquid starlight

that I waded through to find the origin

the birthplace of this creeping insanity

this beautiful monster that walks among us

burning away against the storm-tossed sky

with eyes that seem to know the end of time

and hands that long to bring it all crashing down

I wonder if I’ll have the chance to see the Earth from space in my lifetime. Maybe I should have gone into rocket science.

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

17 responses to “Then Out Came the Rain”

  1. In your understanding, is there such a thing as beautiful or agreeable confusion? In a special place, I have met the beautiful monster which causes necessary agreeable change and know about the shadows of insanity meant to terrorize and am trying to see how you relate the two together…if it is intereting for you to understand that with me, the I thank you.

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      • So, when you are in what you believe at the time is confusion or chaos the knowing that there is clarity to come is beautiful…if you have that vision. From this then, you would relate that absolute chaos and confusion truly does not exist if at some point it is sensible. Hmmm…the problem with that is that it is a dimension called :outside of understanding: and the only thing there that is understandable to someone NOT in it is that life moved there was doing something unacceptable to continue for that moment…a not beautiful necessary cut off/intervention. I appreciate you understanding this with me if there is something else to be said please do.

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  2. The beautiful shot of the stormy sky was a perfect match for your words. Hopefully you will can get into space and write about being above the clouds instead of below.

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