Still They Speak

Still they speak in whispers of the intangible Silver shadows crawling over the night-soaked walls Fall silent when I raise my head to listen.

The Moon Watches Over Us

I was distracted by the moon when voices fell like rain And brought me back from the light beyond that distant window Your smile an anchor in storm-tossed seas Hands that calm the fire for now...

Red Hair

“Do you need help?” The man in the car asked. His voice cut through the night, raised above the downpour, the steady drone of raindrops spattering against the road, the trees, the roof of his car. The girl raised her head, startled.

Out of Reach

Time walked a straight path from the morning On a collision course with rapture Then all melted in a haze of something like color, but more A distant scream was a song on the breeze


The horizon rises before me. A black mass approaches Rushing forth to smother all Drown out the light Ignore the cries of those beneath. Always onward, never back Tide of evil and winds of ice Howling across a barren moor. Ships of the dead glide silent On a sea of change. Tattered flags unfurled Feel... Continue Reading →

Ghost Ship

The rock thrown out of the deep, pummeled by iron waves that seek to tear it back beneath the surfaceA ship glides empty like a wooden desert, lost upon swells that cannot feel it, bleaching dry when the sun can find its way through the gray aboveSea-soaked sails with holes like the moon fly above... Continue Reading →


Our backs pressed into the grass bent beneath us. Night hid the snow-capped peaks on either side. The sky above was clear—a portal open wide to the heavens. Stars, frozen a million years in the past, held sway over us in their own distant way. Our breath rose in the blackness, a ghostly mist that... Continue Reading →

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