I’m grateful beyond words to Spillwords Press for including my story “Two Point Creek” among their Featured Posts, and would love to hear your thoughts on it. The link to the story is

Now to today’s poem!

The lights are never off in that kingdom upon the hill

They shine everlasting over streets that cannot see them

and cry out for something more beyond a voice in the dark

speaking to a world that has long ceased listening

but waits for a reason to reach out to the horizon

and take back what the night stole

Still we grope in the dark for a handhold

as the cliff face crumbles away beneath us

but it’s a steel-sky morning that dawns this day over paradise

where something walks in shadow that will be seen

when the first rays of light spill over

into streets flooded by the ones in charge of changing the lightbulbs

I want to thank once more everyone who has supported my writing so far. I hope this is the first of many stories to be published, and I’ll certainly keep trying my best to make that happen. Thank you (:


Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

11 thoughts on “Lightbulbs”

    1. Thank you! Honestly, I take so much inspiration from writers like Ray Bradbury, H. P. Lovecraft (though certainly not his beliefs), Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, H. G. Wells, Edgar Allen Poe… and more modern authors like Donna Tart, David Foster Wallace, Barbara Kingsolver… simply reading the work of the greats helps me with ideas and to develop style and themes.

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