King in Chains

The world comes through as reflections on glass And I wonder what those on the other side see If anyone exists in the room beyond the window Longing as I do to step off the ledge...

I Discarded Infinity

The faces seem all too close together Muddled against a thousand streaks of color Voices overlapping, waves in the sea Calm sky over streets longing to live...


Outside a starlit window stretches a snow-filled plain Blank canvas waiting in the night for a hand to fill it. Candle flames flicker against the glass, A queen’s face reflected in a fantasy Where her mind wanders with its waking thoughts.

Tell Me of Magic

Tell me, little one, of magicIn this place, none can touch youSpeakThe world listens.I am with you in this quiet momentLet your voice melt into the babbling creekYour sighs drift away into the boughs aboveYour thoughts stray further from the world beyond.Soon we will travel away from the treesOn our way to distant lands where... Continue Reading →


How fair the folkWho dwell beneath twisted branch and gentle breezeBreathing song of deeds in ages lost to memoryLiving past lives in forest shadeBeckoning to adventurers: “Come rest.Lay your weary bones upon our bedsDrink nourishment from cup of gold and pearlEat well and forget the road ahead For dark and perilous is the wayAnd here... Continue Reading →

Watercolor World

Behind that blue wooden doorTwo share a watercolor worldBreathing together in a moment that cannot lastPushing back a reality that isn’t theirs—Isn’t the truth they painted with their lipsIsn’t what the wanted, but what was necessary.Fighting back flames only to douse them with gasolineWhen they meant to use water.Then, when the world is burning,One leaves... Continue Reading →

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