A Sun that Still Rises

This forest knows me

It knows me better than I know myself

Its roots reach deeper into my thoughts than I can go

or than I’ve tried to go

to walk the streets of a city left abandoned

footsteps of the last to leave still clear in the dust

A place softly desolate

and waiting on caspian shores for white sails

carried to it over jewel blue waters

ghosts to wander in cypress groves

already fading behind shadow mists

and a sun that still rises to light the shore

The past few days I’ve been thinking about cracking open Infinite Jest again. Need something long to pass the time with.

Photo by Jonathan Gallegos on Unsplash

15 responses to “A Sun that Still Rises”

  1. I like “Caspian shores.”

    Were you thinking of Narnia? I’m curious about that series. The band Phish did a song alluding to Prince Caspian.

    If I ever finish The Return of the King, I will start The Magician’s Nephew.

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    • You don’t know me and you didn’t ask me, so take this with a grain of salt, but…

      If you’ve never read the Narnia series and you’re an adult, I would suggest reading them in the order they were originally written (Lion, Caspian, Dawn Treader, Silver, Horse, Nephew, Last Battle). Some more recent printings have them in chronological order in the Narnian timeline. (Horse takes place during the last chapter of Lion in the countries neighboring Narnia, and Nephew is the story of the origin of Narnia). It is believed that the renumbering was done for the benefit of children whose brains may not be complex enough to understand nonlinear storytelling. But as an adult, especially if you’re reading Tolkien now, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. Lion was written first, and there is a lot of mystery surrounding Narnia… why is there a lamppost in the middle of the forest? Who is this woman who promises gifts but others say to beware of her? Where did this lion Aslan come from? And why does the man who lives in the house with the wardrobe have the reaction he does when he finds out the children were playing in it? These open questions make Narina seem more magical and mysterious… but all of these questions are answered in The Magician’s Nephew. So if you read about Narnia in Narnian chronological order, there is less mystery behind it.

      Just my opinion… something to think about.

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    • I’ve always loved that name, the Caspian Sea. I’ve only read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I started The Magician’s Nephew but I don’t think I ever finished it. Should definitely find a set and read the whole series…

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