Skin Over Iron Bones

A cold city speaks of storybooks Cracks in the pavement spell out the final chapters Footsteps in the snow dotting i’s and crossing t’s A saga complete with no voice to read it aloud Yet heard by all who stop to listen.

City in the Sky

A city in the sky, melting into the horizon Nations gather in the harbor, the deep water below Darkness connection the world by sand bars and shipping lanes

Like Us

The world is cold and dark with pockets of warmthNot the other way around.Like a city in winter—darkness filling in cracks betweenInsulated apartments, thick-paned windows to keep out the nightWhere hunger dwells.But the night must sometimes be braved.To live always in warmth is to be helpless when the cold comesWhen journeys are completed, or failed,Retreat... Continue Reading →

The City I Dream

In my dreams I walk through a cityI do not know which, but it is ancient.All around are the great works of its peopleThough they appear unweatheredTheir craftsmen are nowhere to be found.The beauty fills my heart with sadnessAnd my mind with fear.Over everything lies a deep expectancyAs if I am waiting for the comingOf... Continue Reading →

There’s Work to Be Done

Here in the cityWe all walk as oneThe gold light of eveningFades with the sunDisappear into doorwaysUntil there are noneRest up for the morningThere’s work to be done. Away from green pasturesToward concrete we runBeneath metal-framed ceilingsThe victory we’ve wonThe threads of our storyAre already spunRest up for the morningThere’s work to be done. Original... Continue Reading →

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