Prison of Sand

Slow moving shadows across a face of marble

a chant to the sky frozen on lips of stone

and within, a mind alive and burning

wildfire in a dry forest

the ashes like stars away into the night

Hands pulled from shifting sands reach out

to collect the embers

mix them with the morning dew

and drink them in until the sky falls

a blanket over the desert gray and cold

and when a new sun rises

the marble one will also rise

out of prisons of sand and time

to sit on a throne among the stars

and breathe in the light of distant worlds

Photo by Zack Jarosz from Pexels

If you have 7 minutes free you should listen to The Main Squeeze’s cover of Pink Floyd’s Have a Cigar on Youtube. Then maybe follow it up with their cover of Led Zeppelin – Since I’ve Been Loving You. Transcendent stuff.

5 responses to “Prison of Sand”

  1. This is transcendent poetry Mitch. I haven’t read a poem that belongs to the fantasy genre before. At least not one as good as this. I’m afraid I may have misinterpreted it though. Is it based on a book or a myth or a legend? I’m sorry, but I don’t know the old fables well. Or is it pure imagination? If it’s the latter it’s extraordinary. If not, I still enjoyed it a lot.


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