Seascape Skies

The air is thick with the moment before downpour

and I can already feel the weight on my shoulders

a cascade of iron torrents out of seascape skies

tossing as the North Sea before maelstrom

howling against paper walls and sandcastles

and a fortress that weathered storms of the deep desert

and felt strong enough to take on the sea

So hoist the flag and loose the sails

and ride the winds of hurricane

out to the horizon rising black above us

and beyond it to what we hope is waiting there

Thanks to the invitation of the talented Nitin Lalit Murali, author of the blog There Will Come Soft Rains, I’ve joined up with The Literati Mafia Collective. I’ll be trying to post as often as I can over there while maintaining my “schedule”, if you can call it that, here on The Light is On. Looking forward to this new ongoing collaboration!

If you feel so inclined, please do check out

Cheers! (:

Photo by Igor Kasalovic on Unsplash

6 responses to “Seascape Skies”

  1. I agree with my friend Joni–Congratulations! And belated apologies that I’ve not commented much for some time…I assure you it’s nothing personal. Life has kind of caught up with me…and I always sang the same redundant praises of your work, so you should just assume that my Likes convey continued melody 🙂 ❤

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  2. Welcome aboard Mitch. I went private for a short while yesterday because I was bone-tired with all the reading, writing and most importantly, editing and failed to see that you’d posted. I enjoyed the post and read it as something relevant, especially during this time of the global pandemic and economic collapses. The skies are dark indeed and the only way out is through the storm towards recovery that may be present.


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