Digital River

Deeper in, the walls come alive. Trust me. Just go a little further and you’ll see the lights like veins pulsing in the darkness. Like a digital river flowing through the rock. Once you see that, who gives a shit about open air? About blue skies and sunsets? Just go deeper and you’ll see. You’ll understand. This place was meant for you, for me, for everyone. And we’ve been searching for it. Millennia wasted away looking in all the wrong places, digging holes in sand, scooping out handful after handful of the same stuff when all along the entrance was always there, waiting. We just needed a light to shine inside. And so maybe now we just give in and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Alice had it right.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

4 responses to “Digital River”

  1. Very nice a bit of a different style for you. Engaging and I found myself staring into the digital maze after reading this piece. Very introspective David. Stay safe and blessed. Love Joni


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