City in the Sky

A city in the sky, melting into the horizon Nations gather in the harbor, the deep water below Darkness connection the world by sand bars and shipping lanes

Lamentation of a King

It stares defiant across this crowded room And the faces between us are invisible The barrier of insurmountable time crumbles Walls heaving with the weight of a thousand stories


A blanket on the world, thick, oppressive
Stars digging their way through the sky
In an effort to reach the surface below

Out of Reach

Time walked a straight path from the morning On a collision course with rapture Then all melted in a haze of something like color, but more A distant scream was a song on the breeze

Hole in the Wall

How long have I been here?The ink shadows have not movedPerhaps they never doIn this light that seeps into the world.I know it does not touch meI am a blank space on the wallA word erased, waiting for the writer to think of a better oneStanding in this hall of concrete.Have I always been here?I... Continue Reading →

The River

The walls close in, distorted, Funneling me toward a door That separates my soul from the divine. Through the keyhole lies a world Whose edges fade into the space Between truth and lies. A river of grief flows among the brambles, Scorching its way across a blackened plain. It’s arms scrape meaning From dirt that... Continue Reading →

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