Looking Up

If only the wall was built higher before I began to climb

then maybe I would have given up before I ever came near the top

If only I never breathed in the other side

never gave in to the ice of a world already dead around me

on a spiral cascade down the slope of time

And why now, if not tomorrow?

Shut my eyes and the nightmares dissipate

only a mist at the edge of the wall

intoxicating, deadly, and falling away with the world

finally a part of something greater—what I longed for 

when I was standing at the bottom of the climb, looking up

I’ve found myself watching a lot more comedy recently. It’s needed! Almost too hard to separate the parody from reality anymore.

Image by Stanisław Tobolewski from Pixabay

5 responses to “Looking Up”

  1. Oh my, another Beauty! As for comedies, yes–much needed. And in my longing for a simpler time, I’m addicted to Andy Griffith reruns…are you too young to recall Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee…Mayberry?

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      • It’s a folksy, homey, sitcom from the late 50’s, early 60’s. If you have On Demand (Comcast) or some other way of viewing old programs, just search for “The Andy Griffith Show”. It’s a good rest for mind, heart, soul 🙂

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