Skies Over Eden

It seems like someone knew where the lines were drawn

At some point they must have known

only now they’re lost beneath life spilling over

everywhere the shadows full of it, the light carried by it

all together something of a hidden symphony

a cacophony only when you choose to hear

and otherwise just silent, just breathing, just alive

Just a dip in the horizon where the sun fits perfectly

and swallows its own light

holding its breath for the deep dive into night

until resurfacing on the other side of shadow

to once more rule the skies over Eden

Finished reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was mesmerizing from beginning to end. The main storyline follows an envoy sent to the planet Winter, which is experiencing an ice age, to discuss with its inhabitants their joining the ranks of an interplanetary society.

Photo by David Riaño Cortés from Pexels

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